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Faro 7–axis measuring and scanning arm

Our 7-axis measuring and scanning arm is an essential aid for efficient implementation of projects. This piece of equipment uses tactile measurement or laser scanning to provide us with data and information where these are lacking. Its portability means its area of application is virtually unlimited, whether it be in our office, or at your factory premises.

This therefore leaves the path clear for the “reverse engineering” of all existing tools and models. Changes to tools or modifications to master moulds automatically comply with the latest standard of technology at the time of recording.

This measurement and scanning data becomes an integral part of the reference component in the construction. A “framework” of lines, dots, circles or circle segments provides important numeric information. Millions of scan dots are connected by lines to form triangles, and displayed as visible surfaces, enabling precise reproduction as a 3D construction. The area of application is vast. The scan information allows an stl file to be created, which can be sent by email in the form of eDrawings, or an exact copy of the “scanned” model can be generated on a corresponding machine during manufacturing.

The interface data of drying and firing media or grouting systems can thus also be integrated. Assessments such as the parallel nature of the tool’s clamping surface compared to the suction head’s clamping surface in pressing systems is one of the many possibilities.

Another model optimisation aid is the option of a target / ACTUAL comparison between the construction data and scanning data. The different colours show the contour differences.

scan of free form surfaces without touch scan measure by touch CAD model with straightened scanning data of a upper master mould
scanning data based on measuring points scanning data converted to a usable surface measuring data of an upper working mould actual-theoretical comparison between a burnt one and the contrived roofing tile

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