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We offer a wide range of possibilities and resources to implement projects. We’ll gladly present these to you, and find the ideal solution for you at a joint consultation.

  • Visual appearance
  • Technical requirements
  • Profitability
  • Roofing system and roof tile range

Consistently taking into account all framework conditions, starting with raw materials, grouting, storage on the drying/firing medium, and behaviour during drying or firing. Important information on “feasibility” is often provided by similar models already being produced. Pooled knowledge and experience help maximise risk reduction.

3D concept:
  • Design of visible areas, as individual tiles or roof area
  • Development of technical areas

Judge the design of your new roof tile for yourself; we’ll always keep you updated by email and eDrawings. We communicate together online on the screen using Netviewer and by telephone. Key-Shot enables photo-quality representation of the roof area, and assists with decision-making processes. Less overlap with interlocking joints increases efficiency; storm-proofing and resistance to rainwater permeation are always the top priority. Solutions are generated based on the model contours, the framework conditions of the drying and firing media, and the experience gained from previous projects.


Coloured or transparent plastic models are available as “fired”, “dried” or “wet”.

3D construction:
  • Formulate specifications with technical requirements
  • Roof tile construction with any necessary geometrical corrections such as “cambering”, “pre-stressing” or “parallelograms”
  • Construction of master moulds, working moulds and the suction head system
  • Tool collision check through simulated movement of the grouting system

Judge the tool construction for yourself; request the relevant file by email and eDrawings.


Our “virtual” manufacturing division comprises companies in Switzerland and Germany. Experience and knowledge, combined with the latest manufacturing technology, are what we require of our partner companies.


We're there to help you grout the first roof tiles. All objectives are assessed after firing. Corrections are incorporatedand constructively adjusted, and tools are modified and re-produced. In large-scale projects, prior  partial delivery of the tools for standard roof tiles benefical for trial purposes.   

Project completion:

Acceptance by all participants, from your production staff member to the technician on the roof.
If you’re satisfied with your new product, then we are too, and we’re also proud of the joint success.

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